Subscriptions fees are based on your institution’s JSTOR classification. There are four JSTOR classifications for Public Libraries: Large, Medium, Small, and Very Small.

In order to determine the JSTOR classification for any public library, please contact us with the following information:

  1. Population Served: The total population of the area served by the library, according to the most recent statistics.
  2. Library Materials Budget: The annual budget for library acquisitions.
  3. Periodicals Holdings: The number of active serial subscriptions at your library.

Collection I

Includes all JSTOR Arts & Sciences and Thematic collections, and the Business IV Collection. The collection contains all JSTOR archive content in subjects like History, Language & Literature, Religion, Art & Art History, Education, Law, and Political Sciences.

Title list (xlsx)

Fees are effective through December 31, 2021.

Public libraries collection 1 fees
Classification AAF
Large $5,332
Medium $3,199
Small $1,600
Very Small $800

Collection II

Includes all archival Life Sciences content on JSTOR.

Title list (xlsx)

Public libraries collection 2 fees
Classification AAF
Large $3,075
Medium $2,050
Small $1,230
Very Small $513

Collection III

Includes all primary source collections on JSTOR: Global Plants, Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa, African Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes, and 19th Century British Pamphlets.

Public libraries collection 3 fees
Classification AAF
Large $615
Medium $461
Small $308
Very Small $179

Jewish Studies and Hebrew Journals Collections

The Jewish Studies, Hebrew Journals, and Ireland collections are also available for separate sets of fees. The Ireland Collection is available to all public libraries, regardless of classification, for an AAF of $250.

Title list (xlsx)

Public libraries Jewish studies collection fees
Classification Jewish Studies AAF
Large $615
Medium $410
Small $205
Very Small $135

Hebrew Journals Collection Fees

Title list (xlsx)

Public libraries Hebrew journals collection fees
Classification Hebrew Journals AAF
Large $492
Medium $328
Small $164
Very Small $108

Artstor collection

Artstor collection fees for Public Libraries by classification
Very Small Small Medium Large
$330 $875 $1,295 $2,500