JSTOR offers flexible acquisition options to suit your collection strategy and budget. We can provide holdings comparisons and recommendations based on your institution’s usage data for journals and Open Access ebooks. Savings are available on every book, and since the ebooks are integrated with journals on our popular platform, libraries typically see high usage and a low-cost per use for ebooks on JSTOR.

Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA)

Evidence-Based Acquisition offers access to more than 50,000 high-quality backlist titles from 94 publishers for a set upfront fee; after one year of unlimited access, you can select titles to acquire using the usage data as a guide. This model can help you meet the research needs of your patrons while controlling costs, simplifying workflows, and incorporating both usage data and librarian expertise in your acquisition strategy.

EBA Titles (xlsx)

Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA)

Demand-Driven Acquisition offers access to a large set of titles for discovery and use, but your library only pays for those that reach a threshold of usage. This model allows libraries to align purchases more closely with patron needs, and ensures that you’ll never pay for titles that go unused. Libraries can manage their DDA workflows directly with JSTOR or through GOBI Library Solutions.

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Subject collections

We offer sets of the latest 2020 content as well as sets of both frontlist and backlist ebooks that complement JSTOR’s thematic collections of journals, research reports, and primary sources. All subject collections provide perpetual access with no recurring fees.

Title-by-title selection

You can build a customized collection by selecting ebooks from our full title list or by using criteria such as publisher, discipline, and copyright year. We can work with you to provide holdings comparisons or recommendations based on turnaway data.

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GOBI Library Solutions

Libraries have the option of managing their JSTOR ebook acquisition workflows through GOBI Library Solutions. GOBI offers trusted technical services, deduplication, and collection development support. You can acquire titles through eApproval programs, new title notifications, title-by-title firm orders, or Demand-Driven Acquisition.