More than 11,000 open access (OA) books from 130+ publishers, including Brill, Cornell University Press, University College of London, and University of California Press, are now available at no cost to libraries or users.

  • High-quality content: These titles reflect JSTOR’s high standards for quality content and are freely available for anyone in the world to use.
  • Ease of use: Users won’t need to register or log in, and there are no DRM restrictions or limits on chapter PDF downloads or printing. Ebooks work just like journal articles on JSTOR.
  • Digital preservation: The ebooks are also preserved in Portico, ensuring that they will be available to researchers in perpetuity.
  • Integration for libraries: Librarians can receive free MARC records and activate the titles in discovery services.

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The impact of open access

The open access titles have been heavily used–more than 65 million times to date–and usage has been recorded in every country and territory. These OA ebooks are being used at more than 16,500 institutions, some of which might not otherwise afford access to publishers’ books, including high schools and community colleges.

Opening the Future partnership

JSTOR has joined the Opening the Future program as a hosting partner for open access ebooks published by Central European University Press and Liverpool University Press. These ebooks will be freely available on JSTOR, in addition to the publishers’ websites and other platforms offering open access ebooks. Learn more.

Open access pilot for Latin American monographs

A partnership led by the Latin Americanist Research Resources Project (LARRP) in collaboration with the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), JSTOR, and Latin American bookseller García Cambeiro has expanded a sustainable open access pilot (Publish as Open) for monographs. This project has made 441+ of CLACSO’s titles, published in Argentina since 2018, available to everyone. The pilot also funded 34 titles by the Centro de Estudios Avanzados de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with over 7,000 titles viewed since January 2023 by 94 countries. Learn more.

Collaboration with El Colegio de México

Thanks to a grant from the Mellon Foundation, we’ve digitized more than 600 out-of-print books published by El Colegio de México and made them available on an open access basis on JSTOR. We are delighted to work with this important research center to make its scholarly works freely accessible to researchers.

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Join us on the Path to Open

More than 40+ university presses and hundreds of authors are part of Path to Open, a new pilot program that supports libraries’ efforts to increase cultural diversity and invest in sustainable open access solutions while reducing financial risk for academic publishers to invest in authors and their scholarship.