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December 8, 2023

ITHAKA unveils results of three-year pilot at CNI Fall 2023

Libraries use a variety of systems and tools to build, manage, provide access to, preserve, and distribute digital versions of their special and primary source collections. Over the last three years, ITHAKA has supported a pilot to test whether the infrastructure created to support JSTOR and Portico could be used to provide more cost-effective and impactful access to and preservation of these collections.

At the CNI Fall 2023 Membership Meeting, Kevin Guthrie, President of ITHAKA, and Bruce Heterick, Senior Vice… Read more»

November 1, 2023

JSTOR Daily Awarded the 2023 Folio: Eddie Award for Editorial Excellence

JSTOR Daily, established in 2014 with a mission to make scholarly materials more accessible and relevant to a general audience, is proud to announce its recent recognition at the 2023 Folio: Eddie Awards. Honored for its editorial excellence among nonprofit websites, JSTOR Daily stands as a testament to the importance of bridging the divide between academia and the public in an increasingly fraught information landscape.

The Folio: Eddies & Ozzies Awards, described as “the… Read more»

July 12, 2023

ITHAKA’s Michelle Lee interviewed on the “CTO Confessions” podcast

ITHAKA’s Chief Technology Officer Michelle Lee was recently interviewed by IT Labs on their CTO Confessions podcast. In this wide-ranging conversation, Michelle shares her insights on the tech industry, her work at ITHAKA, and the future of education, providing listeners the unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of the innovative strategies at work at our organization.

Michelle’s conviction that technology has the potential to revolutionize education and her excitement for how ITHAKA can play an even larger role… Read more»

June 21, 2023

ITHAKA announces new services for academic, research, and cultural institutions to share, preserve, and manage digital collections

ITHAKA announced today a new set of services to help academic, research, and cultural institutions easily and affordably share, preserve, and manage their local digital collections. Using the same infrastructure that powers ITHAKA’s nonprofit services JSTOR and Portico, institutions can now increase the reach and usefulness of their local digital collections, secure access for generations to come, and further the mission they share with one another and ITHAKA to improve access to knowledge worldwide.

“Research and learning increasingly take place… Read more»

January 5, 2023

ITHAKA and JSTOR in 2023:
A letter from Kevin Guthrie

Dear Colleagues,

When our founder, Bill Bowen, envisioned JSTOR in 1995, he reached for a very big idea through a relatively small initiative. While our immediate goal was to convert backfiles of important scholarly journals into digital form, the big idea was to begin the transformation of the infrastructure that supports research, teaching, and learning – from buildings and shelves to servers and networks. We initially thought that this conversion would benefit those with journals on their shelves, and indeed… Read more»

August 18, 2022

ITHAKA invests in open annotation leader Hypothesis
A letter from Kevin Guthrie

I am excited to share today that we have invested $2.5 million in Anno, the public-benefit corporation that is home to Hypothesis.

As you may know, Hypothesis is a tool that enables people to annotate documents and webpages. Its free browser extension is in use by a million people globally, with a version that integrates with learning management systems now installed at 200 colleges and universities. We see tremendous potential for tools like Hypothesis that are open and interoperable… Read more»

April 6, 2022

Serving our community in difficult times
A letter from Kevin Guthrie

ITHAKA’s mission is to expand and enhance access to knowledge and education for people all over the world. As a not-for-profit organization, our aim is for our policies and decisions to maximize impact, not revenue or profit. At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, we promised that fees would not increase for JSTOR participants through 2023. We also introduced a year-long program that provided participating academic institutions with access to all Archive Collections at no additional cost. Since then,… Read more»

October 8, 2021

$1.5 million Mellon grant to make JSTOR accessible to incarcerated students

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded ITHAKA a new $1.5 million grant to provide incarcerated college students with access to JSTOR, a digital library of journals, books, and other materials. Our aim is for every incarcerated college student in the United States to have access to JSTOR, along with the research skills to use this and other digital resources.

One of the most significant educational challenges that incarcerated college students face is easy, reliable access to high-quality library resources… Read more»

June 4, 2021

JSTOR policy to support author name changes

At ITHAKA, JSTOR’s parent organization, belonging is one of our core values. We aspire for everyone who works at and with us to feel valued and included. This commitment extends to the creators of the journal articles, books, research reports, and other works that we preserve and make accessible at JSTOR.

Accordingly, we are offering support to those authors who decide to change their name—for any reason. We know that many of our publishing partners share our commitment to belonging… Read more»