This collection includes social science journals with a focus on science and social science theory, data, and analysis. It introduces new disciplines such as transportation studies and development studies.


More than 23 sociology titles cover a range of subfields, including but not limited to race, class and gender, environmental sociology, criminology, and sociology of the family. This collection strengthens JSTOR’s core sociology scholarship with such titles as Social Research and Sociological Focus, adding international range with titles from France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Social Research Sociological Focus


A cluster of law journals create synergies with sociology, social work, and business law. Notable titles include Family Advocate, Family Law Quarterly, Natural Resources & Environment, The Business Lawyer, and Antitrust Law Journal.

Family Advocate Natural Resources & EnviornmentThe Business LawyerAntitrust Law Journal


More than 20 academic journals from the Business III Collection complement the social science and humanities journals in the collection. These journals span the disciplines of finance with Emerging Markets Finance & Trade and Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting, marketing and advertising with Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice and Marketing Letters, and management and organizational behavior with MIR: Management International Review and International Studies of Management & Organization.

Emerging Markets Finance & Trade Quarterly Journal of Finance and AccountingJournal of Marketing Theory and PracticeInternational Studies of Management & Organization