We offer four savings tiers for international higher education institutions reflecting a percentage reduction in the base fees for archival journals collections: 20%, 35%, 50%, and 65%. Base fees are those shown on U.S. universities and four-year colleges.

Our pricing accounts for the financial circumstances in countries worldwide. We have carefully classified each country based on trends in library budgets, institutional endowments, and economic circumstances.

Virtually all colleges and universities in the 65% category receive reduced-fee or free access to a collection of all archival journals and primary sources on JSTOR via the JSTOR Access Initiative program.


Your archival journal collection fees are based on your classification, which is modeled on the Carnegie Classifications. If you do not have a JSTOR classification or a Carnegie Classification, please contact us with the following details:

  1. Total number of active annual print serials subscriptions taken by your institution’s library (including all departmental or faculty libraries and both foreign and domestic titles)
  2. Total number of volumes in your institution’s library (including all departmental and faculty libraries)
  3. Number of students at your institution (or full-time staff and researchers if you are not an academic institution)
  4. Number of faculty members at your institution