This collection gathers more than 1,200 titles that explore the impact of environmental issues on society, the economy, public policy, business practices, and more.

Greening the Global Economy. Robert Pollin. Building the New American Economy Smart, Fair, and Sustainable. Jeffrey Sachs Organic Futures, Struggling for Sustainability on the Small Farm. Connor J. Fitzmaurice and Brian J. Gareau. Keywords for Environmental Studies. Joni Adamson, William A. Gleason, David N. Pellow

This set of ebooks is a thorough complement to JSTOR’s Sustainability journal collection, which includes 115 journals and over 5,400 open research reports.


The Sustainability ebook collection covers more than 25 disciplines to support students and scholars working across this notably interdisciplinary field. It features renowned scholarly publishers like Yale University Press, University of California Press, and University of Minnesota Press.

The collection is divided into eight sub-categories:

  • Climate Change
  • Environmental History
  • Environmental Law, Policy & Regulation
  • Food & Energy Development
  • Human Ecology & Environmental Perspectives
  • Land Management & Conservation
  • Sustainable Business & Environmental Economics
  • Wildlife & Natural Habitats

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Featured Open Access ebooks

The Environment in the Age of the Internet: Activists, Communication, and the Digital Landscape. Heike Graf Terraforming: Ecopolitical Transformations and Environmentalism in Science Fiction. Chris Pak. Sustainable Food Systems, The Role of the City. Robert Biel. Risk Criticism, Precautionary Reading in an Age of Environmental Uncertainty. Molly Wallace

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