This collection contains 182 titles devoted to writers and texts from core literary movements from publishers like Edinburgh University Press, Columbia University Press, and Boydell & Brewer.

The collection is divided into six sub-disciplines:

  • Medieval Authors & Texts
  • Medieval Religious Texts
  • Modernist Authors
  • Theorists
  • Victorian, Edwardian & Gothic Authors
  • Women in Critical Theory

This set of ebooks complements JSTOR’s Lives of Literature journal collection that, when complete, will include approximately 100 journals that are new to JSTOR.

The Lives of Literature ebook collection enriches coverage by including authors and texts who may not have a single-author journal in the collection. This breadth and depth supports research into lesser-known authors, as well as those from underrepresented groups. The ebooks in this collection also help literary scholars make connections across genres, national boundaries, and historical periods. These titles enhance interdisciplinary research in other fields, including religion, philosophy, theater studies, and music.

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