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July 12, 2024

Wyoming community colleges secure JSTOR access across seven campuses

By Shawn Herman, Senior Marketing Manager, ITHAKA
Discover how Meghan Kelly and the Wyoming Community College Commission secured permanent access to JSTOR's extensive collection of archival journals and primary sources for seven Wyoming community colleges without recurring fees. A unique one-time payment option made this initiative possible.

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Demo JSTOR Demo Workspace Demo Artstor on JSTOR Register for images on JSTOR training webinar (April 25) View Path to Open titles Preserve with Portico Preview JSTOR Forum… Read More

Discover how ITHAKA’s rich suite of services effortlessly work together to support archivists

Amplify the reach of your collections Share your collections openly on JSTOR, the platform where millions begin their academic work. Researchers can access your collections without paywalls alongside the high-quality primary and secondary sources already on JSTOR, bringing greater value to the learner and your institution. Read More

April 19, 2024

Too Fancy for Freedom:
Navigating the Bureaucratic Labyrinth of Work Release with a Degree

By Kristopher W.
Struggles of reintegration post-incarceration are examined through personal experiences in this essay, highlighting challenges in navigating systemic barriers, including conflicts faced in a work release program. An individual shares insights on leveraging prison education amidst the complexities of reentry.

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April 9, 2024

From Anger to Academics: Changing a Violent Mind One Course at a Time

By Wesley M. Withers, Varner Unit, Corcidy, AR
I was faced with a choice early on with my incarceration: allow violence dominance over my life, giving prejudice exactly what it wanted, or change, showing that violent offenders are more than lost causes. I chose the latter, and education would be my cure to cleanse me of this leprosy.

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