Books at JSTOR provides a Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) option that enables institutions to provide access to a large number of books, and pay only for those that are used under the conditions described below. Libraries may select which books to authorize for their DDA profile based on such parameters as publisher, discipline, copyright year, or price. Books within the DDA corpus are triggered when the following conditions are met:

  • The sixth chapter view (regardless of user session) within an individual book title where at least one page within a book chapter is viewed; or the fourth chapter download from the book, whichever occurs first.

When such conditions are met by an authorized user of the participating institution, a purchase of perpetual access to the ebook on JSTOR is triggered, and the fees for the purchase will automatically be deducted from the institution’s deposit account (which the institution will establish with JSTOR when ordering books in DDA). For more information about Books at JSTOR and the Demand-Driven Acquisition program, please contact us at