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Blog Topic: Research skills

June 5, 2024

Empowering educators, engaging students: How one teacher used JSTOR’s GenAI research tool to boost student engagement, teach key skills, and streamline workflows

By Morgan Godvin, Content and Community Engagement Manager, ITHAKA
Discover how Sarah Kiyak, a teacher at Alexandria High School in Virginia, leveraged JSTOR's generative AI tool to enhance student engagement, foster research skills, and streamline workflows in her classroom.

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March 22, 2024

From Berkeley to beta: How students helped bring generative AI to JSTOR

By Diba Kaya, Senior User Researcher, ITHAKA
Discover how researchers and students explore the usage of ChatGPT in generative AI. Learn how this collaboration led to JSTOR's AI tool development and improved search features tailored for students' needs, reflecting ITHAKA's community-driven ethos and commitment to expanding knowledge access.

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February 20, 2024

Students need to learn how to read scholarly articles:
Here’s how technology can help

By Jeremy Dean, former Vice President of Education at Hypothesis, and Alex Humphreys, Vice President of Innovation at ITHAKA
Discover how technology like generative AI can aid students in understanding complex concepts while emphasizing the importance of close reading and deep engagement. Explore the potential of social annotation technology in learning to read challenging scholarly materials.

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