Visual literacy is a critical skill for college success. Artstor on JSTOR bridges the gap between traditional text-based research and powerful visual exploration, offering access to 2+ million high-quality images alongside trusted JSTOR resources.

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Why Artstor on JSTOR for your school?

  • Diverse and interdisciplinary: Explore a vast collection of 2+ million images encompassing art, history, anthropology, and more.
  • Credibility and context: All images are curated from leading institutions and accompanied by accurate metadata.
  • Interactive learning: Engage students with a suite of tools for zooming, comparing, and creating presentations with images.
  • Seamless integration: Access Artstor alongside JSTOR’s trusted collection of scholarly journals, books, and primary sources.

Artstor on JSTOR is the perfect solution for:

  • Arts and humanities classes: Deepen understanding of historical periods, artistic movements, and cultural artifacts.
  • Social science courses: Analyze visual evidence alongside historical documents and research papers.
  • Developing research skills: Equip students with the ability to critically evaluate and utilize visual information.
  • Preparing for college: Foster a foundation in visual literacy skills essential for college-level research.

How we help your school get the most out of Artstor on JSTOR:

  • Librarian resources: Explore a dedicated section with tools and tips to help you integrate Artstor into your curriculum.
  • Faculty training: Access webinars and workshops designed to help educators make the most of Artstor in their teaching.