group of botanists holding up signs reading "we are botanists" in English and Spanish
Are you a Global Plants Partner? Would you like to stay up to date on the Global Plants Initiative (GPI) and the progress JSTOR staff is making on the database? Then you’re in the right place.

Simply click on the “Global Plants” tag to read our coverage on:

  • The JSTOR team’s work progress
  • GPI meeting updates
  • Updates on the latest partner content added to the database, and other facts and figures
  • Publishing UI information
  • Partner research and presentations
  • Partner and user profiles
  • Answers to Global Plants Partners’ questions

If you have suggestions for posts or a question you’d like answered, send us an email! You can reach us at We hope you’ll check back often.

The JSTOR Team
Hannah Begley, Deirdre Ryan, and Benjamin Young