On August 29, Library Journal and JSTOR hosted a panel on the benefits and tradeoffs of Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA). EBA is a purchasing model that allows academic librarians to combine insights from usage data with their deep knowledge of local research and teaching needs to build an ebook collection that serves patrons now and in the future.

Library Journal’s senior technology editor Matt Enis moderated the panel, which included Brian C. Gray from Case Western Reserve University, Amy McColl from Swarthmore College, and Valerie Yaw from JSTOR.

The discussion revealed how JSTOR developed its new EBA model with input and guidance from library participants closest to the research needs of their community. The librarians also discussed the strategic shifts in their collection development policies, and what they’ve learned from implementing EBA—including its effect on costs, cataloging workflows, title selection, and user reception. You can hear the panel now as an on-demand webcast, and reach out to Valerie Yaw directly with any questions about EBA.