Knowledge Unlatched (KU), the global initiative for Open Access (OA), recently announced its OA Heroes 2024, highlighting the highest use nations, institutions, publishers, disciplines, and scholarly works from 2023. JSTOR is proud to be among the network of platforms recognized for contributing to the growing usage of KU OA books.

JSTOR began working with KU in 2016 and now makes available more than 1,524 KU OA books. Usage of these works on JSTOR originated from all over the world in 2023, including from users associated with 12,000 of JSTOR’s participating institutions. In total, KU OA books recorded 2.5 million item requests last year.

“JSTOR works with a diverse group of OA initiatives like KU to make OA books discoverable and easy to use,” said John Lenahan, VP, Content Strategy & Relationships at ITHAKA. “Through these efforts, there are now 11,000 OA books on JSTOR and usage of these works topped 12 million item requests in 2023. We appreciate our collaboration with KU and look forward to continuing to invest in new OA models and relationships to increase access to scholarship.”

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