We are partnering with Google Scholar to introduce more streamlined access to JSTOR. Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) grants students access to an institution’s licensed content off-campus. CASA builds on Google Scholar’s Subscriber Links program; when a researcher visits Google Scholar while on campus, it remembers their affiliation. Then, when away from campus, they’ll continue to have access to licensed JSTOR content that’s searched through Google Scholar.

The implementation of CASA builds upon a number of other initiatives at JSTOR that make it easier for users to get access to licensed content. Earlier this year we launched device pairing, a feature that remembers a computer or mobile device’s access for 30 days so that students can continue to use JSTOR beyond their campus network. We also offer Institution Finder, a tool that directs students to the proper login page on their university website. Our focus and effort are geared towards making it easier for your institution’s patrons to access JSTOR no matter where they are.