Managing JSTOR access for your library has never been easier with the Access Methods settings in your admin account. Review or update your access setups on JSTOR today.

We rounded up directions (including screen grabs) on viewing and managing your library’s IP addresses and remote access options:

  • IP Addresses Verify that we have the correct public IP addresses on file for you
  • Proxies Add a link to your proxy server to allow users to log in to JSTOR both on and off campus
  • Google SSO Configure Google as a single-sign-on method for JSTOR
  • SAML Enable SAML to allow users to log in to JSTOR with their institutional credentials

Our Access Management Overview page provides a comprehensive outline of JSTOR’s access options. Send any questions about access to

NOTE: To manage your Access Methods settings, you will need a JSTOR admin account. If you don’t have one yet, request an admin account to look at your library’s JSTOR’s access settings, usage statistics, holding reports, and more.