This month we have reached (and have grown past) the 500 Community Collection milestone, with 591 collections from 162 contributors. Through this initiative, JSTOR has partnered with universities, museums, and other institutions around the world to expand the reach of their special collections. These rare primary source materials cover nearly every discipline, content type, and topic, and are openly accessible to the millions of scholars who begin their research on JSTOR.

To encapsulate the range of content included in the Open Community Collections, we’re showcasing collections that represent the global reach of this initiative, in the origin of contributions and areas of the world featured. We’ve rounded up highlights including design portfolios, exploratory photographs, fine art, postcards, posters, prints, and textile collections.

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Design journals and portfolio collections

The following collections, all contributed by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, share the designs and portfolios of notable European artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These materials, initially intended to be adapted and reused by others in the art world, offer elaborate stage costume renderings, illustrations of the female figure, designs of plant and animal forms, and graphic design used for printed labels.

Exploratory photograph collections

Through the archeological, architectural, topographical, and documentary photographs included in the Community Collections, researchers can follow along on sailing expeditions, world tours, and journalist trips to the corners of the Earth. These collections offer rare images of ancient architecture, landscape, major events, and everyday life, captured in countries around the world.

Fine art collections

Find works on paper, paintings, sculptures, and more, rendering historic events and cultures, with a glimpse into art across the centuries in the Community Collections. Altogether, the collections below gather nearly 15,000 items with roots in the Middle East, Oceania, Africa, Ancient America, and beyond from the special holdings.

Postcards, posters, prints, and more

With posters made in Cuba from the revolution to the 2000s, postcards from European travels, Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints and woodcuts, and street art captured over forty countries, these selected Community Collections have great range in both origin and medium. Included materials represent artistic and national movements, addressing the personal and the political through striking visual items.

Textile collections

In the fabric of the Community Collections, you’ll find pattern books, loose samples, and cultural designs, with cotton, linen, silk, wool, and more, from prominent designers, firms, art students, and communities around the world. Many of these textiles had a great impact in the fashion industry, being sold to fashion giants such as Chanel and Balenciaga, while also representing the trends, movements, and cultural history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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