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Image credits (left to right):
Fischer Ventillos” advertising poster for Fischer Wagen A.G., Zürich. ca. 1912. Plakat gedanke und kunst collection from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Endre Komaromi Kacz, Landscape. Fine Arts Collection from Wofford College.
Dugald Sutherland MacColl, Troilos Slain by Achilles, drawing after exterior of an Attic red-figure kylix, 1894. Greek Vase Paintings by Harrison & MacColl (1894) from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Satsuma Vase. Binghamton University Art Museum Collection from Binghamton University.
Rosa Harvan Chellas Kline, Forgotten Village, 1941. Lehigh University Art Galleries Permanent Collection from Lehigh University.
Georges Barbier, The Fashion by Paquin, 1912. Edwardian Fashion Plates collection from Rhode Island School of Design.