More than 39,000 research reports from over 140 policy institutes around the world are freely accessible to everyone on JSTOR. The open research reports are discoverable alongside journals, books, and primary sources, and are clearly labeled as their own content type. We continually add reports as they become available.

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Research reports provide current analysis on many of today’s most hotly debated issues from a diversity of perspectives from all corners of the world. Topics include climate change, cybersecurity, energy policy, international relations, terrorism, and various public health issues, including COVID-19.

Although the briefs, papers, and reports published by these institutes are not peer-reviewed, they are written by policy experts and members of the academic community who are fellows in residence. This is content that impacts policy, and is increasingly used by faculty in their classrooms for its currency, breadth, and accessibility.

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Why research reports on JSTOR?

Community input revealed that although research reports were generally freely available outside of JSTOR, they were hard to find, not easily discoverable alongside relevant material, and it was difficult for students to identify which were most credible. We have curated this hard-to-find policy research from reputable institutes (based on faculty, librarian, and expert input), made it easily discoverable alongside journals and books on JSTOR, and preserved this content for future generations.