As part of our ongoing integration of Artstor’s content to the JSTOR platform, we need to move your Archivision collections into your instance of JSTOR Forum.

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Archivision was a third-party company that licensed images to your institution; it is not affiliated with Artstor or JSTOR. Once your Archivision collections have been moved to JSTOR Forum, you will be able to manage them directly.

Why are we doing this?

We want to simplify how your licensed Archivision collections are stored and managed. This work will give you greater control over your content, while also giving you the option to make your content accessible on the JSTOR platform in addition to Artstor.

What do you need to do?

You do not need to take any action beyond requesting that ITHAKA move your Archivision collections to JSTOR Forum. Once we have your approval, ITHAKA will take these steps on your behalf.

Specifically, we seek to confirm that your institution would like ITHAKA to migrate your “Shared” Archivision collections — those managed by ITHAKA and only accessible to your users via the Artstor platform — into your instance of JSTOR Forum.

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Once your Archivision collections are on Forum, you will have the ability to publish them to the JSTOR platform. We can also publish on your behalf. Please reach out to us if you’d like more information about making your Archivision collections accessible on JSTOR.

Your questions answered

Will adding my Archivision content to JSTOR Forum increase my fees?

Your collection will be counted as space in your JSTOR Forum account along with your other collections, but the migration will not put you into another storage tier.

How much space will the Archivision content take up on Forum?

The amount of space Archivision content will take up in Forum depends on the specific Archivision collections you license. Here is the storage taken up by each Archivision collection:

  • The Base Collection, with 16,000 JPG images, is approximately 55 GB in (or 270 GB if you licensed Archivision’s archival TIFF files).
  • Each additional module of 6,000 images is roughly 18 GB in size (or 110 GB if you licensed archival TIFFs.)

Can user image groups containing Archivision content be migrated to JSTOR using the Copy Artstor Groups tool after this process is complete?

Yes. Once your Archivision collections are published to JSTOR, your users can copy image groups that contain Archivision content to the JSTOR Workspace, and the images will point to your newly migrated collections.

How long will it take to load the Archivision collections into Forum, or publish the collections from Forum to JSTOR?

Once we begin work on your instance, the migration should be completed within five to seven business days. We will inform you when we begin work and again when it’s completed.

Please contact your JSTOR representative if you have further questions.