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Why librarians love EBA:

Evidence-Based Acquisition provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for accessing scholarly ebooks.

  • Extensive content range: Starting in January 2024, EBA will include more than 73,000 backlist titles from 100+ publishers, including Princeton, Yale, and California. Download the complete title list.
  • Outstanding user experience: Our unlimited, DRM-free access model and integration of ebooks with journals and primary sources ensures an easy experience for remote teaching and learning.
  • Predictable budgeting: A set fee covers unlimited access to all titles over the period, with an important added benefit–a portion of the fee is reserved for the library to acquire titles at the end of the period.
  • Control over title selection: You can select any titles in the EBA program for acquisition at the end of the period, based on the usage or any other factors. The library will have perpetual access to all selected titles.
  • Simple library workflows: It’s easy to set up free OCLC MARC records and activate the collection in discovery services. We’ve also streamlined the title acquisition process based on feedback from library participants.

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Minimums apply. Ask your JSTOR representative for details. This offer is available to new EBA participants only and the terms apply to the 2024 calendar year cycle.