Maybe you’ve been searching and viewing images in Artstor, and even downloaded images from public collections, but you’d like to do more. Register for an account and you can–it’s easy!

Here’s what you get when you sign up

Registered users at subscribing institutions can download images from Artstor’s core collections of 2.5+ million images, save and organize these images into groups, export them to fully captioned PowerPoint presentations, and share the groups with students or collaborators.

Creating an account also allows you to upload your own images to Artstor for use in your image groups. You can even share them with collaborators or students alongside Artstor’s core collections.

Finally, registered users can access Artstor off-campus for 120 days since their last on-campus login. If you have already created an account, you can reset the 120-day remote access period by simply logging into Artstor while on campus or using the proxy link on your library’s website.

Here’s how to do it

To you register for a user account, you must be onsite at your institution or logged in through your institution’s proxy server (typically a link on your library’s webpage). Then just go to the Artstor registration page and fill out your information. That’s it!