Data for Research ( is a free, self-service tool that allows computer scientists, digital humanists, and other researchers to select and interact with content on JSTOR. Created in 2008, Data for Research enables exploration of both scholarly journal literature (more than 7 million journal articles) and a set of primary resources (26,000 19th Century British Pamphlets).

The resource consists of a set of web-based tools, including:


  • a powerful faceted search interface that can be leveraged to define content of interest through an iterative process of searching and results filtering
  • word frequencies, citations, key terms, and ngrams utilized for conducting analysis of document-level data
  • topic modeling (classification of subject headings at the article level), a powerful tool for content selection and filtering
  • downloadable datasets containing word frequencies, citations, key terms, or ngrams associated with the content selected
  • visualization tools


The Data for Research service is available for use by the broad research community, including independent scholars and those not affiliated with participating institutions.