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A People's History of Modern EuropeWilliam A. Pelz2016Pluto PressHistory
Afghanistan's Islam: From Conversion to the Taliban2017University of California PressReligion
Alienation Effects: Performance and Self-Management in Yugoslavia, 1945-91Branislav Jakovljević2016University of Michigan PressPerforming Arts
Art of Fugue: Bach Fugues for Keyboard, 1715–1750Joseph Kerman2005University of California PressMusic
Beyond the Bauhaus: Cultural Modernity in Breslau, 1918-33Deborah Ascher Barnstone2016University of Michigan PressArt & Art History
Biostratigraphic and Geological Significance of Planktonic ForaminiferaMARCELLE K. BOUDAGHER-FADEL2015UCL PressEnvironmental Science ; Geology ; Paleontology
Borderland City in New India: Frontier to GatewayDuncan McDuie-Ra2016Amsterdam University PressPolitical Science
Bread and Circuses: Theories of Mass Culture as Social DecayPatrick Brantlinger1983Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Building a National Literature: The Case of Germany, 1830-1870Peter Uwe Hohendahl1989Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Burning Bright: Essays in Honour of David Bindman2015UCL PressArt & Art History
By Honor Bound: State and Society in Early Modern RussiaNancy Shields Kollmann1999Cornell University PressHistory
Chaucer and the Poets: An Essay on Troilus and CriseydeWinthrop Wetherbee1984Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Christianity, Islam, and Orisa-Religion: Three Traditions in Comparison and InteractionJ. D. Y. Peel2016University of California PressReligion
Clarissa's Ciphers: Meaning and Disruption in Richardson's ClarissaTerry Castle1982Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Kenya: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach2016UCL PressAnthropology ; Archaeology ; Architecture and Architectural History ; Art & Art History
Discord and Consensus in the Low Countries, 1700-20002016UCL PressHistory ; Philosophy
Discrimination at Work: Comparing European, French, and American LawMarie Mercat-Bruns2016University of California PressSociology
Drawing Futures: Speculations in Contemporary Drawing for Art and Architecture2016UCL PressArchitecture and Architectural History
Dreams for Dead Bodies: Blackness, Labor, and the Corpus of American Detective FictionM. Michelle Robinson2016University of Michigan PressLanguage & Literature ; Sociology
Enduring Uncertainty: Deportation, Punishment and Everyday LifeInes Hasselberg2016Berghahn BooksAnthropology ; Law ; Sociology
Engines of Truth: Producing Veracity in the Victorian CourtroomWendie Ellen Schneider2015Yale University PressLaw
Equity, Growth, and Community: What the Nation Can Learn from America's Metro AreasChris Benner2015University of California PressSociology
Fact and Fiction: Literary and Scientific Cultures in Germany and Britain2016University of Toronto PressLanguage & Literature
Four Histories about Early Dutch Football, 1910-1920Nicholas Piercey2016UCL PressHistory
Girlhood and the Politics of Place2016Berghahn BooksSociology
Herman Gorter: Poems of 1890 A SelectionHERMAN GORTER2015UCL PressHistory ; Language & Literature
How the World Changed Social MediaDaniel Miller2016UCL PressAnthropology ; Business ; Language & Literature
Humour and Irony in Dutch Post-war Fiction FilmPETER VERSTRATEN2016Amsterdam University PressArt & Art History ; Film Studies
Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North AmericaABY M. WARBURG1995Cornell University PressHistory
Imperfect Creatures: Vermin, Literature, and the Sciences of Life, 1600-1740Lucinda Cole2016University of Michigan PressLanguage & Literature ; Zoology
Imperial Genus: The Formation and Limits of the Human in Modern Korea and JapanTravis Workman2016University of California PressHistory
Imperial Matter: Ancient Persia and the Archaeology of EmpiresLori Khatchadourian2016University of California PressArchaeology
Instruments for New Music: Sound, Technology, and ModernismThomas Patteson2016University of California PressMusic
Insurgent Testimonies: Witnessing Colonial Trauma in Modern and Anglophone LiteratureNicole M. Rizzuto2015Fordham UniversityLanguage & Literature ; Political Science
Keys to Play: Music as a Ludic Medium from Apollo to NintendoRoger Moseley2016University of California PressMusic
Law, Liberty, and the Pursuit of TerrorismRoger Douglas2014University of Michigan PressPolitical Science
Literary Transcendentalism: Style and Vision in the American RenaissanceLAWRENCE BUELL1973Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Luxury and Rubble: Civility and Dispossession in the New SaigonErik Harms2016University of California PressAnthropology
Making the White Man's West: Whiteness and the Creation of the American WestJason E. Pierce2016University Press of ColoradoHistory
Making Things Stick: Surveillance Technologies and Mexico's War on CrimeKeith Guzik2016University of California PressSociology
Migrating into Financial Markets: How Remittances Became a Development ToolMatt Bakker2015University of California PressBusiness
Mind, Body, Motion, Matter: Eighteenth-Century British and French Literary Perspectives2016University of Toronto PressLanguage & Literature
Mixed-Member Electoral Systems in Constitutional Context: Taiwan, Japan, and Beyond2016University of Michigan PressPolitical Science
Mixtec Evangelicals: Globalization, Migration, and Religious Change in a Oaxacan Indigenous GroupMary I. O’Connor2016University Press of ColoradoAnthropology ; Sociology
Nabokov: The Mystery of Literary StructuresLEONA TOKER1989Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Narratives of Low Countries History and Culture: Reframing the Past2016UCL PressHistory
Of Elephants and Toothaches: Ethics, Politics, and Religion in Krzysztof Kieslowski's 'Decalogue'2016Fordham UniversityFilm Studies ; Language & Literature
On Civic Republicanism: Ancient Lessons for Global Politics2016University of Toronto PressPolitical Science
Participatory Planning for Climate Compatible Development in Maputo, MozambiqueVanesa Castán Broto2015UCL PressEnvironmental Science
Partisan Gerrymandering and the Construction of American DemocracyErik J. Engstrom2013University of Michigan PressPolitical Science
Passionate Amateurs: Theatre, Communism, and LoveNicholas Ridout2013University of Michigan PressHistory ; Performing Arts
Paul Robeson: The Artist as RevolutionaryGerald Horne2016Pluto PressSociology
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology: Characters and Collections2015UCL PressArchaeology ; Art & Art History ; History
Place of Devotion: Siting and Experiencing Divinity in Bengal-VaishnavismSukanya Sarbadhikary2015University of California PressSociology
Poems of Guido Gezelle: A Bilingual AnthologyGUIDO GEZELLE2016UCL PressHistory ; Language & Literature
Polemics and Patronage in the City of Victory: Vyasatirtha, Hindu Sectarianism, and the Sixteenth-Century Vijayanagara CourtValerie Stoker2016University of California PressHistory
Political Strategies in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica2016University Press of ColoradoArchaeology ; Sociology
Post-Ottoman Coexistence: Sharing Space in the Shadow of Conflict2016Berghahn BooksSociology
Precarious Claims: The Promise and Failure of Workplace Protections in the United StatesShannon Gleeson2016University of California PressSociology
Precarious Creativity: Global Media, Local Labor2016University of California PressSociology
Proletarian Peasants: The Revolution of 1905 in Russia's SouthwestROBERT EDELMAN1987Cornell University PressHistory
Public Debt, Inequality, and Power: The Making of a Modern Debt StateSandy Brian Hager2016University of California PressHistory
Realizing the Witch: Science, Cinema, and the Mastery of the InvisibleRichard Baxstrom2016Fordham UniversityAnthropology ; Film Studies
Reappraisals: Shifting Alignments in Postwar Critical TheoryPeter Uwe Hohendahl1991Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Refining Child Pornography Law: Crime, Language, and Social Consequences2016University of Michigan PressLaw
Reinventing Liberty: Nation, Commerce and the British Historical Novel from Walpole to ScottFiona Price2016Edinburgh University PressHistory ; Language & Literature ; Political Science
Representing Mass Violence: Conflicting Responses to Human Rights Violations in DarfurJoachim J. Savelsberg2015University of California PressSociology
Research Guide to the Russian and Soviet Censuses1986Cornell University PressHistory
Revolution of the Mind: Higher Learning among the Bolsheviks, 1918-1929MICHAEL DAVID-FOX1997Cornell University PressHistory
Revolutionary Acts: Amateur Theater and the Soviet State, 1917-1938LYNN MALLY2000Cornell University PressHistory
Rewolucja: Russian Poland, 1904-1907Robert E. Blobaum1995Cornell University PressHistory
Risk Criticism: Precautionary Reading in an Age of Environmental UncertaintyMolly Wallace2016University of Michigan PressEnvironmental Science ; Language & Literature
Russian Formalism: A MetapoeticsPETER STEINER1984Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Seductive Reasoning: Pluralism as the Problematic of Contemporary Literary TheoryEllen Rooney1989Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Social Media in an English VillageDaniel Miller2016UCL PressAnthropology
Social Media in Industrial ChinaXinyuan Wang2016UCL PressAnthropology
Social Media in Northern ChileNell Haynes2016UCL PressAnthropology
Social Media in Rural ChinaTom McDonald2016UCL PressAnthropology
Social Media in Southeast Italy: Crafting IdealsRazvan Nicolescu2016UCL PressAnthropology ; Business ; Technology
Social Media in Southeast TurkeyElisabetta Costa2016UCL PressAnthropology
Spectacular Disappearances: Celebrity and Privacy, 1696-1801Julia H. Fawcett2016University of Michigan PressHistory ; Language & Literature ; Performing Arts
Suburban Urbanities: Suburbs and the Life of the High Street2015UCL PressArchitecture and Architectural History ; Sociology
Sustainable Food Systems: The Role of the CityRobert Biel2016UCL PressArchitecture and Architectural History ; Sociology ; gardland-discipline
Technicians of Human Dignity: Bodies, Souls, and the Making of Intrinsic WorthGaymon Bennett2016Fordham UniversityHealth Sciences ; Political Science
Temptation in the Archives: Essays in Golden Age Dutch CultureLisa Jardine2015UCL PressHistory
Textbook of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery2016UCL PressHealth Sciences
The Chatter of the Visible: Montage and Narrative in Weimar GermanyPatrizia C. McBride2016University of Michigan PressArt & Art History ; History
The Conscience of Cinema: The works of Joris Ivens 1926-1989THOMAS WAUGH2016Amsterdam University PressFilm Studies
The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito: Volume 3 (1532-1536): Volume 3, 1532-15362015University of Toronto PressHistory ; Religion
The Dream Is Over: The Crisis of Clark Kerr's California Idea of Higher EducationSimon Marginson2016University of California PressEducation
The Electrification of Russia, 1880-1926Jonathan Coopersmith1992Cornell University PressHistory
The Institution of CriticismPeter Uwe Hohendahl1982Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
The Jalayirids: Dynastic State Formation in the Mongol Middle EastPatrick Wing2016Edinburgh University PressHistory ; Religion
The Muslim Question in Europe: Political Controversies and Public PhilosophiesPeter O’Brien2016Temple University PressPolitical Science
The New Russian Nationalism: Imperialism, Ethnicity and Authoritarianism 2000–20152016Edinburgh University PressPolitical Science
The Resonance of Unseen Things: Poetics, Power, Captivity, and UFOs in the American UncannySusan Lepselter2016University of Michigan PressAnthropology
The Self and Its Pleasures: Bataille, Lacan, and the History of the Decentered SubjectCarolyn J. Dean1992Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
The Struggling State: Nationalism, Militarism, and the Education of EritreaJennifer Riggan2016Temple University PressAnthropology
The Upper Guinea Coast in Global Perspective2016Berghahn BooksAnthropology ; Population Studies ; Sociology
The War CorrespondentGreg McLaughlin2016Pluto PressSociology
The World's Oldest Church: Bible, Art, and Ritual at Dura-Europos, SyriaMichael Peppard2016Yale University PressHistory
Transfigured World: Walter Pater's Aesthetic HistoricismCAROLYN WILLIAMS1989Cornell University PressLanguage & Literature
Treasures from UCLGillian Furlong2015UCL PressArt & Art History
Vietnamese Moses: Philiphe Binh and the Geographies of Early Modern CatholicismGeorge E. Dutton2017University of California PressHistory
Water and Los Angeles: A Tale of Three Rivers, 1900-1941William Deverell2017University of California PressHistory
We Shall Not Be Moved/No nos moverán: Biography of a Song of StruggleDavid Spener2016Temple University PressAnthropology
Why Icebergs Float: Exploring Science in Everyday LifeAndrew Morris2016UCL PressGeneral Science
Wollstonecraft, Mill, and Women's Human RightsEILEEN HUNT BOTTING2016Yale University PressPolitical Science
Writing Self, Writing Empire: Chandar Bhan Brahman and the Cultural World of the Indo-Persian State SecretaryRajeev Kinra2015University of California PressHistory