Books at JSTOR offers ebooks in Sustainability from such publishers as Yale University Press, University of California Press, and University of Minnesota Press.  The titles cover a broad range of topics in sustainability, including climatic changes, human ecology, environmental policy, and sustainable development.  The collection contains 323 titles, divided into smaller, affordable sets.

Unlimited-User Access: Like all Books at JSTOR titles, the ebooks in this collection are DRM-free and allow for unlimited concurrent use and unlimited chapter downloads and printing. The ebooks work just like the journals on JSTOR, providing a familiar user experience for researchers.

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Notable titles include:

Reclaiming American Cities: The Struggle for People, Place, and Nature since 1900
Rutherford H. Platt
University of Massachusetts Press

"Reclaiming American Cities powerfully demonstrates how fresh approaches and place-based movements are making our communities more humane, livable, and sustainable."
—Jennifer Wolch, UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design

Understanding the Global Energy Crisis
Edited by Eugene D. Coyne and Richard A. Simmons
Purdue University Press

This accessible volume is designed to bridge the gap between policy makers and engineers in order to address the global energy crisis.

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