Artstor’s images for education and research are now discoverable on JSTOR. Users at institutions that subscribe to both services can work with more than 2.4 million photographs, artworks, architectural plans, and other visuals, plus an additional 300,000 images are now freely accessible to everyone–all rights-cleared for education and research.

When you search JSTOR today you will find images with metadata from leading museums, archives, and researchers across the world, bringing together critical scholarship and high-quality images on one platform. As the year progresses, we will be adding more tools for working and teaching with images, making your experience even better.

In addition to journals, books, and images from Artstor, you will also find an increasingly diverse array of primary sources, research reports, and images from libraries around the world.

By combining images with essential scholarship, you’ll strengthen the depth and quality of your research, make innovative connections, and spark unexpected discoveries.

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April 2021

March 2021

  • Search results improved
    • Image-only results options
    • Results include metadata for easier evaluation

February 2021

  • 2+ million Artstor images are released on the JSTOR platform
  • Artstor usage reports become available on JSTOR admin portal