Artstor’s images for education and research are now discoverable on JSTOR. Users at institutions that subscribe to both services can work with more than 2.5 million photographs, artworks, architectural plans, and other visuals. An additional 760,000 images are now freely accessible to everyone–all rights-cleared for education and research.

We are constantly enhancing our suite of tools and resources for working and teaching with images on JSTOR. Here’s what you can do with the latest updates:

July 2022

  • Filter search results by regions as well as countries, and select multiple regions and countries when refining results
  • Export entire groups of images in your Workspace folders as Zip files

June 2022

  • Compare images while presenting in a full-screen slideshow format directly from Workspace folders, with IIIF viewer functionality and image detail display capabilities
  • View improved presentation of metadata on image pages, with more relevant metadata now appearing higher on the asset page
  • Find support for important Forum capabilities when publishing to JSTOR, including pipe-delimited Title values; semi-colon delimited values in Title and Subject; multiple instances of Title (multiple fields mapped to Title); and multiple Identifiers delimited by semicolon, pipe, or multi-field mapping

April 2022

March 2022

  • View image metadata and traverse folder structure when selecting images to compare in Workspace
  • Duplicate existing Workspace folders to reuse, update, or reformat curated content

February 2022

  • Present image collections in a full-screen, slideshow format directly from Workspace folders, with IIIF-viewer functionality and image detail display capabilities
  • Share the content you curate in your Workspace folders with other users in your institution for reference, teaching, and more
  • Compare images within your search results, as well as compare search results with items already in your Workspace folders, and display or hide image details when doing so
  • View institutional access credentials in a new section of the integrated admin portal called Access Methods (admins only)

January 2022

  • Easily browse by classification or geography from the image search page.
  • Focus on searching just images throughout your entire session by selecting the Images tab, or see all the search results by switching to the All Content tab


Our work to bring the  Artstor experience to JSTOR began in February 2021, and a number of enhancements were introduced over the year, including:

  • Millions of Artstor images became available on the JSTOR platform, and Artstor credentials became functional to log in to JSTOR
  • Image Search was introduced, including filtering by classification, country, and dates, and the ability to download and cite images directly from the search results page
  • Artstor Cross-Platform Usage Reports became available on the JSTOR admin portal
  • Browsing and searching within collections was introduced on the Collections page
  • Workspace was enhanced for images, including the ability to export groups of images as PowerPoint presentations, and to export images and documents as PDFs. Workspace also became easier to organize, with a new thumbnail gallery view and drag & drop for easier image organization.