Alumni Access enables institutions to provide their entire alumni network with full access to the high-quality journal collections on JSTOR. JSTOR’s trusted digital library is an essential resource for thousands of colleges and universities worldwide.

View Extending Access to Scholarly Resources: JSTOR's Alumni Program, a presentation given at CNI's membership meeting.

Don't see your alma mater among the list of participating institutions? Take a minute to tell us what JSTOR access means to you. We’ll share it with your alma mater.

The program is open to eligible higher education institutions worldwide, excepting institutions that have low or no-cost access via the Developing Nations Access Initiative or African Access Initiative. Alumni Access is licensed as a single, separate collection covering all JSTOR archive journal content licensed by the institution. The participation fee is 10% of the institution’s total Annual Access Fee (AAF), and can be billed separately from the institution’s archive collections.

Subscribing institutions must support the bifurcation of alumni from their main JSTOR account via one of the following methods:

  • IP authentication: Routes alumni through a separate IP address that is unshared with current students and staff.
  • Referring URL authentication: Routes alumni through a restricted page on your website. Alumni must authenticate via a unique username and password or similar methods to gain access.

To learn more about the Alumni Access program, please contact us for more details.

The institutions below offer ongoing JSTOR access to their alumni. Click on the institution name for access instructions.

By far the most frequent question asked by Smith alumnae is "How do I access the library's databases from off-campus?" Before participating in the Alumni Access pilot, our canned reply was "I'm sorry, but you can't." Now we're able to give a very different answer, and the response from our alumnae has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.
Pamela A. Skinner
Head of Collection Development
Smith College Libraries
Now THAT is kindness. Many alums do not have access to research libraries, and an alumnae association that recognizes that info gap is really moving with the times.
Smith College alumna
Our Alumni Access usage numbers rather speak for themselves. We are always looking for ways to expand our services to our alumni community; access to JSTOR over the past several years has been a cornerstone of these efforts.
Jeff Carroll
Director, Collection Development
Columbia University Libraries
We featured JSTOR access for alumni on the King's College web pages and the response was phenomenal. In just one day, we had 700 requests to become Alumni Online members so they could access JSTOR.
Anna Franca
Subscriptions and Access Manager
King's College London
Yale encourages students to pursue lifelong learning, and the library is proud to be able to add to the ways it serves alumni to continue their intellectual inquiry and research endeavors well beyond commencement.
Susan Gibbons
University Librarian
Yale University
The best thing Yale had done for me since becoming an alum.
Yale University alumnus
Offering alumni access to scholarly journals is an exciting proposition. In the past our licenses didn't allow us to expand access to all of our graduates at a reasonable cost. We love helping our alumni stay connected with the scholarly resources they used as students.
Carrie Cooper
Dean of University Libraries
The College of William & Mary
Having access online to JSTOR will save so much time previously spent on driving to university libraries, and it will contribute to our shared pursuit of lifelong learning.
Michael Rawlings
The College of William & Mary alumnus
The alumni I talk to are thankful that we are able to provide them with something to aid them in their research.
Lisa Setters
Research and Library Loan Specialist
Asbury Theological Seminary