Admins at participating publishers can download usage statistics for their journals. Reports include:

  • Journals Detailed Usage Report – breaks down article views and downloads by month for the time period selected. Reports can include all of a publisher’s titles, or just one.
  • Top Article Usage Report – shows the most frequently accessed articles from your journal for the time period and journal selected. Results can be limited to a particular range of content (example: show only top articles that were published in 2015).
  • Title Usage Report – shows usage of a journal broken down by cover year or volume.

Admins can run one-time reports or set up scheduled reports to be delivered weekly, monthly, or annually.

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Custom usage reports

In addition to the three reports provided through the portal, JSTOR offers additional custom reports for publishers:

  • Institutional Usage Report – shows article views and downloads, broken down by institutional. State/country of each institution is included.
  • Top Issue Report – breaks down usage by issue.
  • Regional Report – that shows usage by geographic region.

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Please note that we require 1-5 business days to fulfill any custom request.