JSTOR’s complimentary expanded access to Artstor’s 2+ million images is expiring on June 30, 2021.

We recognize that libraries are facing an economic crisis while also striving to support users with remote teaching and learning, so we have developed flexible options to help your library continue access to this resource:

  • Reduced pricing: As we transition Artstor to the JSTOR platform, we have developed new lower pricing for Artstor, in some communities by up to 30%. These are not temporary changes, and we do not have annual price increases. Visit our fees page to learn more. Expanded access usage reporting is also available.
  • Prorated subscriptions: Institutions can prorate their subscription to Artstor to allow for greater budget flexibility and alignment with their preferred renewal cycle.
  • Open and free resources: More than 300,000 images are still freely accessible to everyone. These images live alongside the rapidly growing open and free content on JSTOR that spans diverse content types, including journals, books, research reports, and a growing corpus of primary sources and image content.

To explore all of these options available to you, contact your outreach representative or fill out the form on this page.

Artstor images are now on JSTOR

In February 2021, Artstor images became accessible on JSTOR. For institutions that subscribe to both services, this brings together Artstor’s more than 2 million high-quality images–all rights cleared for education and research–with critical text-based JSTOR scholarship on one platform. It also exposes Artstor’s images to new users for their research and teaching, and helps to develop visual literacy and critical observation skills.

Institutions are already seeing their patrons use Artstor on both platforms, which has led to increased overall usage of Artstor content. You can access the cross-platform report via your Artstor administrator account.

Images on JSTOR currently include metadata, and can be zoomed and downloaded. As the year progresses, we will be adding more tools for working and teaching with images, plus building integrated reporting across content types, making your experience even better.

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