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University of Scranton Department Publications

Over 600 newsletters and magazines published by University of Scranton departments, divisions, offices, and other University-related organizations, primarily dated from 2000 to present day. Read More

Scranton Local History Collection

More than 600 books and periodicals related to the history of the city of Scranton, the Lackawanna Valley, and the surrounding Northeastern Pennsylvania area. Read More

Zaner-Bloser, Inc. / Sonya Bloser Monroe Penmanship Collection

An extensive collection of American ornamental penmanship from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including more than 2,200 professional journals, books and manuals, scrapbooks, penmanship samples, photographs, correspondence, ephemera, publication mockups, and a wide variety of original works by master penmen. Read More

University of Scranton Yearbooks

85 yearbooks published by students at The University of Scranton, St. Thomas College, and St. Thomas High School. Read More

University of Scranton Student Scholarship

More than 130 items related to scholarly publications and other academic works by students at the University of Scranton. Read More

University of Scranton Photos and Documents

An archive of nearly 4,000 items including institutional records, newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and other materials from the early years of St. Thomas College to the present. Read More

University of Scranton PR Publications and Press Releases

5,686 items from the University of Scranton Public Relations Office and Division of External Affairs, including press releases and serial publications. Read More

University of Scranton Course Catalogs

Undergraduate and graduate course catalogs published annually by the University of Scranton and its predecessor, St. Thomas College. Read More

University of Scranton Commencement Programs

Programs from commencement exercises and related activities at the University of Scranton and St. Thomas College. Read More

Pennsylvania Mining Reports Collection

Annual reports produced by the Pennsylvania Department of Mines and related bureaus from 1870 to 2010. These statistical and narrative reports document the productivity of collieries as well as the injuries and deaths of Pennsylvania miners. Read More

Passionist Historical Archives Collection

Historical records and congregation archives of the St. Paul of the Cross Province, which serves in the eastern United States, Canada, Jamaica, West Indies, and Haiti in parishes, retreat and spiritual centers, monasteries and residences. Read More

P. W. Costello and Family Art Collection

More than 400 items including original artwork, documents, and other materials related to master penman P. W. Costello and his family members. Read More

International Correspondence Schools of Scranton Collection

Circulars, course books, documents, marketing materials, newsletters, photographs, scrapbooks, textbooks, and other artifacts from the records of the International Correspondence Schools of Scranton. Read More

George F. Davis Penmanship Collection

Correspondence, flourishings, notebooks, and penmanship examples from the papers of George F. Davis, instructor and later owner of the Eastman Business College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Read More

University of Scranton Basketball Collection

More than 700 items including photographs, game programs, and documents relating to the history of basketball at the University of Scranton and its predecessor, St. Thomas College. Read More

University of Scranton Aquinas

More than 1,500 issues of The Aquinas, a news periodical published by students of the University of Scranton and its predecessor, St. Thomas College. Read More

Abe L. Plotkin Collection

Materials including photographs, correspondence, and more from Abe L. Plotkin’s US Army experience in Germany during the last weeks of WWII and the ensuing months. Read More

Medieval Manuscripts Collection

Leaves and fragments from medieval manuscripts from the 12th to 15th centuries. Read More