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Edgar Fahs Smith Chemistry Collection

William Steig Cartoon Drawings

University Archives

More than 8,200 images of historically significant documents and other materials reflecting the University’s origins and development. Read More

Materials Collection

More than 4,700 samples from The Fisher Fine Arts Materials Library, ranging from traditional construction materials to emergent and novel samples such as Vanta Black, electronic paint, and seaweed insulation. This collection brings together innovation and creativity to advance conceptualization through tactile exploration. Read More

Lenkin Family Collection of Photography

Over 5,000 original photographs, primarily of Jerusalem and Palestine taken from 1850 to 1937, display the architecture, topography, and archeological exploration of the Holy Land. Read More

Alumni Association of the Philadelphia General Hospital School of Nursing

More than 1,300 images from the 1880s to the 1970s offering a glimpse into the broad spectrum of activities of nurses and other health care providers, the buildings and settings used, and the patients cared for within the institution. Read More

Furness Theatrical Images Collection

More than 2,700 prints and photographs dedicated to the study of Shakespeare and his contemporaries during the English Renaissance and Shakespearean theatrical presentations. Read More

Etta Winigrad Sculptures

Philadelphia artist and Penn graduate Etta Zuritsky Winigrad’s thought-provoking sculptures reflecting her focus on humanity in the world. Read More

Philip H. Ward Collection of Theatrical Images, 1856-1910

Collection of 573 items, featuring mostly photographs of actors, actresses, and other performing artists posed by professional photographers working in New York, London, and Paris. Read More

Marian Anderson Collection of Photographs

More than 4,000 images of renowned singer and Philadelphia native Marian Anderson and her mileu. Read More