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Nineteenth century publishers’ catalogues

Advertising material from nineteenth-century publishers. Read More

Rod Doyle Coin Collection

Over 200 ancient coins collected by Rod Doyle and part of Mannix Library’s Special Collections. Read More

Provenance in the Goold Collection

A collection of provenance evidence displaying individual marks of book ownership through inscriptions, manuscript additions, blind stamps, and bookplates. Read More

Maps and Plans in the Goold Collection

Maps and architectural plants gathered from James Alipius Goold’s library. Read More

Letterpress and Typography in the Goold Collection

Collection of type evidence including typefaces, styles, display types, and printers ornaments from the Goold Collection. Read More

Early printing specimens, Incunabula and Manuscripts

Manuscript and early printing specimens from the University of Divinity Special Collections. Read More

Decorated papers in the Goold Collection

Marbled and printed decorated papers used in the production of bindings from the Goold Collection. Read More

Prints in the Goold Collection

Nearly 400 engravings, lithographs, prints, woodcuts, and illustrated book material from the 16th to 19th centuries. Read More

Bindings in the Goold Collection

Images of custom, pictorial, and armorial bindings from the Goold Collection. Read More

Mannix Library Rare Prints Collection

Prints from items held in University of Divinity Libraries’ Special Collections. Read More