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Walter L. Huber papers

Correspondence, photographs, and other materials pertaining to the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, primarily through Inyo County. Read More

Juan Silvano Godoi papers

Correspondence, documents, publications, and other materials pertaining to the personal and professional life of Juan Silvano Godoi (1850-1926), a Paraguayan politician, journalist, jurist, and historian. This collection includes correspondence with many prominent political figures and scholars of the era as well as political and financial documents. Read More

Edith Hipkins collection of British artists’ letters

Correspondence from numerous British artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries, received and collected by British painter Edith Hipkins. The majority of the correspondence consists of personal letters sent to Hipkins and her father, musician Alfred J. Hipkins. Read More

Charles E. McGee papers

Memorandums, special orders, correspondence, administrative records, and other materials pertaining to the military career of Charles E. McGee, a retired United States Air Force Colonel, fighter pilot, and member of the Tuskegee Airmen. McGee served from 1942 to 1973, with a record of 409 aerial fighter combat missions, including service… Read More

Patricia Ortlieb Collection on Eliza L. Tibbets

Photographs – including ambrotypes and tintypes – and documents on the life of Eliza L. Tibbets, a horticulturist, spiritualist, abolitionist, suffragist, and early settler in Riverside, most widely known for her role in introducing the Washington navel orange in California. Included images also depict her descendants. The collection is compiled… Read More

Charles H. Lee Papers

Reports, correspondence, documents, maps, photographs, and other materials pertaining to projects in hydraulics, sanitation, irrigation, municipal water supply, surface water and groundwater hydrology, and soil in California and other Western states, particularly for the City of Los Angeles regarding water supply from the Owens Valley. Read More

Alfred M. North diaries

Diaries of Alfred M. North, a high school and junior college teacher in Riverside, California during the early twentieth century. North’s short daily entries focus on his work as an educator, his daily life, family, and thoughts on the local and national issues of the time. Read More

Catherine Clark papers

Publications and other materials related to the world of Russian science fiction and fantasy, including correspondence between Catherine Clark, a science fiction fan from California, and Igor A. Toloconnicov, a science fiction fan from Volgograd. Read More

Avery E. Field photographs

More than 4,300 images by commercial photographer Avery Field documenting the growth and development of Riverside, California in the first half of the 20th century. Much of the collection features local residents and families in events such as parades, celebrations, and weddings. The architectural history and geographic landscape of Riverside… Read More