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Victorian Holiday Cards

400 Victorian holiday cards, presenting Christmas, New Year, and Easter greetings. Read More

Artist’s Books

Collection of hand-made book objects, limited edition books, and zines dating from the mid-1960s to present. This collection also includes related book arts references, artists’ ephemera files, and bookmaking process archives of artists such as Carol Barton, Ruth Laxson, and Angela Lorenz. Read More

Italian Architecture Prints

More than 200 photographs, most by Fratelli Alinari, the world’s oldest photographic firm, founded in 1852 in Florence, Italy. Read More

1939 Rhode Island Architecture

Items in this collection include photograph panels from the Rhode Island Architecture Exhibition held by the RISD Museum of Art in 1939, in which 300 years of architecture were surveyed through buildings in Rhode Island. Read More

Victorian Trade and Novelty Cards

189 Victorian trade and novelty postcards, a number of which were advertisements for late 19th-century Providence, R.I. manufacturers and proprietors. Read More


A collection of 178 posters held in the RISD Library Graphic Design and Illustration Archive. Read More

Nature Forms

More than 300 items of micro and macro imagery describing forms in nature, including landforms, minerals, aquatic and terrestrial animal and plant life, insects, cellular structures, and skeletal segments. Read More

Manning Rare Woods Guide

A collection of boards of rare species captured on a RISD Nature Lab microscope. Magnification views are wood shaving samples of endgrain, tangent, and radial planes, revealing the intricate cellular structures of each species. Read More

Loeb Symmetry Portfolio

The Symmetry Portfolio includes 164 geometric silkscreens produced by Dutch scientist Arthur Loeb and his teaching assistant, artist Holly Alderman. These 2D tessellation prints illustrate core principles of pattern, symmetry, and structure found both in nature and the built environment. Read More

La Vie Parisienne

Over 200 covers and interior illustrated plates of La Vie Parisienne, a French weekly magazine published until 1970. Items in this collection are of the World World I era, published from 1914 to 1920, with Art Nouveau and Art Deco illustration. Read More

Illustrations of Rip Van Winkle

Illustrations of Rip Van Winkle designed and etched by Felix O.C. Darley for the members of the American Art-Union. Read More

Gorham Manufacturing Company Design Library

Promotional catalogs of flatware, silverware, bronze memorial plates, and other silverwork done by the Gorham Manufacturing Company during the 1800s to early 1900s. This collection also includes original woodblock-printed Katsushika Hokusai manga books and a scrapbook of inspirational imagery. Read More

Golden Age Illustration

More than 150 Golden Age illustrations collected by Rhode Island watercolor artist Abigail Whipple Cooke. The included prints were compiled from various magazines including Harper’s, Collier’s, Scribner’s, and McClure’s. Read More

Edwardian Fashion Plates

A collection of Edwardian fashion plates used to research European high fashion from 1910 to 1914, compiled from the Costume folders of the RISD Picture Collection. Read More