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Bunting Collection

Selection of plates and musical notebooks as part of a major collection on the work of the Irish music collector and musician Edward Bunting (1773-1843). Included are original handwritten manuscripts–both music and text–notebooks, bound volumes, monographs, letters, and photographic plates. Read More

Wright Collection – Pamphlets

Pamphlets collected by Dr. Stanley Fowler Wright (1873-1953), Commissioner of Customs and Personal Secretary to Sir Robert Hart, the Inspector General of the Chinese Maritime Customs. Topics covered in these pamphlets include China, Sir Robert Hart, diplomatic relations, and British colonial interests. Read More

Queen’s Film Theatre Brochure Archive

Printed brochures from Queen’s Film Theatre (QFT) showcasing cultural cinema from 1968 to 2017. This archive project was completed as part of QFT’s 50th anniversary. Read More

Ramsay Collection

A collection of works by the celebrated Scottish poet Allan Ramsay (1684-1758). Read More

Hart Collection – Glass Slides

Tinted slides, many of which were produced by the Lantern Slide Bureau of the Methodist Episcopal Church in China, that illustrate daily life and scenes in China, the Summer Palace, scenes around Peking, and a festival event. This collection seems to have been collected by Mrs Kathleen Newton, Sir Robert… Read More

Hart Collection – Music

Music programs and handbills for public recitals and private soirées with friends and colleagues. These items were scattered throughout Sir Robert Hart’s collections, found as inserts tucked into his diaries, enclosed with letters, or in bundles within the many series of correspondence. Read More

Hart Collection – Eva Price Correspondence

85 letters written by Eva Price to her uncle Sir Robert Hart between 1895 to 1911, with transcriptions included. Read More

Percy Collection

Volumes focusing on Thomas Percy (1729-1811), Bishop of Dromore, Co. Down, serving altogether as the 18th-century library of the author and antiquarian. It contains monographs, bound volumes of pamphlets, and some manuscripts relating principally to English literature, Gaelic and northern poetry and antiquities, and popular metrical and prose romances of… Read More

Belfast Jewish Record

This communal magazine served as the platform from which the ecclesiastical and lay leaders of the Belfast Jewish community could issue important announcements and state their views. It offers a fascinating insight into an important but often overlooked community in Northern Ireland. This collection includes issues from 1954 to 2002. Read More

Belfast Jewish Gazette

Issues of the monthly journal, published from January to December 1933 and February 1934, with the purpose of recording and commenting on Jewish activities in Ireland in every sphere. It also aimed to crystallize Jewish opinion in Ireland on subjects of controversial or general communal interest, to act as the… Read More

Brett Collection – Rev. J. Hussey Correspondence (1779-80)

A small collection of letters from John Hussey to Charlotte Hussey, including one to Harriet Hussey, written on his journey to Aleppo, Syria and during his residence there, from January 1779 to June 1780. Read More

Belfast General Hospital

This book on the history of the General Hospital of Belfast offers “a chronological record of interesting events, as illustrative of the progress and growing prosperity of Belfast from the earliest times.”… Read More

Hart Collection – Photographs

Black and white photographs in various sizes, some potentially kept by Sir Robert Hart himself, but most presented to him, documenting his life and activities. Read More