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Landscape Histories from the Air

More than 1,3800 items from Cambridge University’s Collection of Aerial Photographs (CUCAP) offering vertical and oblique aerial views of British landscapes in black and white and color, from 1945 to 2009. Imagery included is of great technical interest and high academic value, with records of coastal change, discoveries of archaeological… Read More


Printed and manuscript music scores and texts on music, ephemera, concert programmes, and archival materials documenting the life and work of composers, music scholars, and performers. The music collections at Cambridge University Library were collected over centuries and play an important role in the preservation of musical heritage, both on… Read More


Printed and manuscript maps and atlases from 15th century to present day depicting the world in a range of scales, including detailed topographic maps and world maps showing ocean currents or time zones. Materials were compiled for a variety of purposes, such as propaganda, art, and science, offering different types… Read More