JPASS provides individuals with personal access to a select portion of journal content on JSTOR. JPASS includes more than 2,000 journals through a one-month or a one-year plan. Learn more.


Individuals who purchase a JPASS plan will be granted unlimited reading access and limited downloading of articles in JPASS. The JPASS Collection consists of roughly eighty percent of the JSTOR archive at this time. Current journals, books, and primary sources are not included in the JPASS offer.


An expansion of our ongoing efforts to reach individuals, including Register & Read, Alumni Access, and Early Journal Content, JPASS continues JSTOR’s mission of helping people discover, use, and build upon trusted scholarly content. Users who belong to a JSTOR-participating institution will not be affected by the launch of JPASS; our efforts here are aimed at people enthusiastic about research (whether personal or professional), but who do not belong to a university, organization, or public library with access to JSTOR.


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If you have questions about JPASS, or would like to discuss our other efforts for individuals, please contact us at or read the JPASS press release