JSTOR exposes secondary school students to peer-reviewed scholarly research for the first time. It also helps teachers enrich their classrooms with key scholarly literature across more than 50 disciplines.


Archival Journal Collections

JSTOR’s Secondary Schools Collection includes all Arts & Sciences Collections, the Life Sciences, Ecology & Botany II, and Business IV Collections, as well as our four primary source collections. The package is offered with significant cost savings for secondary schools, encompassing nearly every archival journal on JSTOR. Secondary schools may also provide access to the Ireland Collection, the Jewish Studies Collection, and the Hebrew Journals Collection for separate sets of fees.

For secondary schools in the UK and British International Schools, we work with JCS Online Resources for participation. You can read the overview of JSTOR in the JCS Resource Catalogue, and you can email info@jcsonlineresources.org for further details on participation.

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Gives Your Students the Skills They Need

Research Basics
 is a free, self-paced set of modules from JSTOR that helps high school students learn how to research. The program is still in beta; our aim is to support librarians and teachers tackling the complex task of teaching teens how to conduct scholarly research as they prepare for college.

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Current Journals

Many secondary schools choose to subscribe to current journal titles, in addition to their package of archival journals on JSTOR.

Launched in 2011 as the Current Scholarship Program, our current journals bring numerous benefits to the communities JSTOR works with. Current journals are offered across subjects in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. JSTOR now contains hundreds of current journal titles from leading publishers.



Launched in 2012, Books at JSTOR provides access to electronic books alongside journal titles on the JSTOR platform. Books may be purchased in addition to the Secondary Schools Collection of archival journals.


At present, Books at JSTOR offers tens of thousands of books from  dozens of leading publishers.