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  Title Publisher ISSN Discipline Digital Availability Date  
  Ab-Original Pennsylvania State University Press 2471-0938 Art & Art History Pending  
  Africa Today Indiana University Press 0001-9887 African Studies 4/1/07  
  African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review Indiana University Press 2156-695X 4/1/11  
  Agricultural History Agricultural History Society 0002-1482 1/1/01  
  Aleph Indiana University Press 1565-1525 Jewish Studies 1/1/07  
  American Indian Quarterly University of Nebraska Press 0095-182X American Indian Studies;American Studies 1/1/05  
  American Journal of Archaeology Archaeological Institute of America 0002-9114 Archaeology;Architecture & Architectural History;Art & Art History;Classical Studies 1/1/03  
  The American Journal of Psychology University of Illinois Press 0002-9556 Psychology 4/1/05  
  American Journal of Theology & Philosophy University of Illinois Press 0194-3448 Philosophy;Religion 1/1/08  
  American Literary Realism University of Illinois Press 1540-3084 American Studies;Language & Literature 1/1/07  
  The American Mathematical Monthly Mathematical Association of America 0002-9890 Mathematics 1/1/06  
  American Music University of Illinois Press 0734-4392 American Studies;Music 4/1/06  
  Annals of Economics and Statistics / Annales d'êconomie et de Statistique GENES (National Economics and Statistics Schools Group) 2115-4430 1/2/11  
  The Antioch Review Antioch Review, Inc. 0003-5769 Language & Literature 1/1/09  
  Antipodes Wayne State University Press 0893-5580 1/1/10  
  Arab Studies Quarterly Pluto Journals 0271_3519 1/1/08  
  Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics Trustees of Boston University 0095-5809 Classical Studies 1/1/09  
  The Arthur Miller Journal Pennsylvania State University Press 1558-8831 Language & Literature 1/1/15  
  Austrian Studies Modern Humanities Research Association 1350-7532 History;Language & Literature 1/1/03  
  Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Royal Irish Academy 0791-7945 Biological Sciences 1/1/02  
  Black Camera Indiana University Press 1536-3155 Film Studies 4/1/07  
  The Black History Bulletin Association for the Study of African American Life and History 1938-6656 African American Studies;History  
  Black Music Research Journal Center for Black Music Research - Columbia College Chicago,
University of Illinois Press
0276-3605 Music 4/1/08  
  Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum University of Minnesota Press 1936-0886 Architecture & Architectural History 4/1/09  
  Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research The American Schools of Oriental Research 0003-097X Anthropology;Archaeology;Classical Studies;Middle East Studies 11/1/07  
  Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education Council for Research in Music Education,
University of Illinois Press
0010-9894 Education;Music 10/1/08  
  Bustan: The Middle East Book Review Pennsylvania State University Press 1878-5301 Area Studies 1/1/10  
  Central Asiatic Journal Harrassowitz Verlag 0008-9192 1/1/08  
  The Chaucer Review Pennsylvania State University Press 0009-2002 Language & Literature 1/1/05  
  Children, Youth and Environments University of Cincinnati 1546-2250 Education;Psychology;Sociology 4/1/03  
  Chiricu Journal Indiana University Press 0277-7223  
  The Classical Journal The Classical Association of the Middle West and South 0009-8353 Classical Studies 2/1/07  
  The College Mathematics Journal Mathematical Association of America 0746-8342 Mathematics 1/1/06  
  Comparative Literature Studies Pennsylvania State University Press 0010-4132 Language & Literature 1/1/05  
  Contagion Michigan State University Press 1075-7201 4/1/06  
  The Cormac McCarthy Journal Pennsylvania State University Press 2333-3073 Language & Literature 1/1/15  
  CR: The New Centennial Review Michigan State University Press 1532-687X 4/1/04  
  Critical Ethnic Studies University of Minnesota Press 2373-5031 1/1/15  
  Critical Philosophy of Race Pennsylvania State University Press 2165-8684 Philosophy 4/1/13  
  Criticism Wayne State University Press 0011-1589 1/1/01  
  Cultural Critique University of Minnesota Press 0882-4371 Language & Literature 1/1/09  
  Culture/Clinic: Applied Lacanian Psychoanalysis University of Minnesota Press 2168-0981 Language & Literature;Philosophy;Psychology 1/1/13  
  DeColonial Horizons Pluto Journals 2422-6343 1/1/17  
  Discourse Wayne State University Press 1522-5321 1/1/02  
  The Edgar Allan Poe Review Pennsylvania State University Press 2150-0428 Language & Literature 4/1/07  
  Edith Wharton Review Pennsylvania State University Press 2330-3964 Language & Literature 1/1/12  
  Education and Culture Purdue University Press 1085-4908 Education 1/1/11  
  êriu Royal Irish Academy 0332-0758 Irish Studies;Language & Literature 1/1/04  
  Ethics and the Environment Indiana University Press 1085-6633 Philosophy 4/1/07  
  Ethnomusicology Society for Ethnomusicology,
University of Illinois Press
0014-1836 Anthropology;Music 1/1/06  

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