On-the-go research

We're happy to announce improvements to using JSTOR on a mobile device. Rather than a device-specific app or a separate mobile site, we've used responsive design to implement an under-the-hood overhaul that enables the JSTOR interface to adapt to the screen size of a device, automatically.

Give it a spin! Visit www.jstor.org on your mobile device.

Streamlining remote access

Have you tried the Institution Finder yet? This tool gives users who have not yet logged in to JSTOR the ability to locate their institution from a list on the JSTOR website, log in to their host institution, and be returned to the page they started on at JSTOR. Our aim is to smooth authentication for the growing number of end users who are coming directly to JSTOR, from a variety of places such as Google, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia.

The Institution Finder integrates with Shibboleth, EZProxy, and Innovative Interface's WAM proxy. To provide us with your institution's proxy information so that we may include it in the Institution Finder, please contact support@jstor.org.

To see the Institution Finder in action, visit the Login page, or check out this one-minute video.

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