JSTOR exposes for-profit academic institutions to a resource used at universities everywhere. Students receive a breadth of content and  a critical foundation in research and analysis.


Archival Journal Collections

JSTOR offers access to all archival journal collections for for-profit academic institutions. At present, JSTOR contains Arts & Sciences Collections, a multidisciplinary Life Sciences Collection, discipline-specific collections, and four primary source collections

Title lists for for-profit academic institutions are identical to the archival journal collection title lists at about.jstor.org/journals, with one exception: FPAI Arts & Sciences IV.

Collections on JSTOR include the complete archival record of each journal. Coverage begins at the first volume and issue of the journal ever published, and extends up to a publication date usually set in the past three to five years.

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Current Journals

Launched in 2011 as the Current Scholarship Program, our current journals bring numerous benefits to the communities JSTOR works with. Current journals are offered across subjects in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. JSTOR now contains hundreds of current journal titles from leading publishers.



Launched in 2012, Books at JSTOR provides access to electronic books alongside journal titles on the JSTOR platform.


At present, Books at JSTOR offers tens of thousands of books from  dozens of leading publishers.