Free archival journal access for institutions in Africa


The African Access Initiative eliminates archival journal fees on JSTOR across all of Africa. All not-for-profit institutions in Africa are eligible to participate, including colleges, universities, secondary schools, government and non-profit organizations, and museums. 


Eligible institutions receive unlimited free access to all archival journal content on JSTOR. This includes more than twenty archival journal collections, as well as JSTOR’s four primary source collections.


Who is eligible?


All institutions in the categories below that are based on the African continent:


  • Universities and colleges
  • Secondary schools
  • Government and not-for-profit research institutions
  • Museums
  • Public Libraries


Corporate and for-profit academic organizations are not eligible to participate in the African Access Initiative. Read more about becoming a corporate participant at JSTOR.


What content is included?



How is access set up?


  • Institutions access JSTOR via the Internet, using their IP addresses 
  • Institutional ID and password access may be provided where stable IPs are not available


Interested in participating?




You can also learn more about JSTOR through Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL) or INASP's Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI)