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Notable 2016 titles include:

Women Doing Life: Gender, Punishment and the Struggle for Identity
Lora Bex Lempert | NYU Press

In Women Doing Life, Lora Bex Lempert examines the experiences of women serving life sentences, presenting a typology of the ways that life-sentenced women grow and self-actualize, resist prison definitions, reflect on and "own" their criminal acts, and ultimately create meaningful lives behind prison walls. 

More Than Just Food: Food Justice and Community Change
Garrett M. Broad | University of California Press

"More Than Just Food is an utterly compelling and intellectually satisfying discussion of the historical and contemporary relevance of food justice concerns to any serious conversation about racism, community organizing, and social justice more generally."
—John L. Jackson, Jr., Richard Perry University Professor and Dean of the School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania  


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