Books at JSTOR developed acquisition models in close consultation with academic librarians.  We offer title-by-title selection, subject collections, and Demand-Driven Acquisition. You can also place orders through YBP Library Services.  Each acquisition model includes perpetual access on JSTOR.

We offer savings on every book, based on your institution's size and JSTOR Archive Collection participation. Special savings are also available on the subject collections. In addition, there is no annual fee for JSTOR participants.  Please contact for more information about the savings available to your institution.  

Title-by-Title Selection

You can build a collection by selecting individual titles from our full title list. You can download an Excel file of our latest title list. We can also work with you to run holdings comparisons and recommend titles; please contact us at for more information.

Subject Collections

We offer subject collections in core disciplines with high journal usage on JSTOR's platform. In addition, a Spanish-language collection is now available. JSTOR offers special savings on all collections.  

Choose a collection below to learn more. 

Demand-Driven Acquisition

In the DDA model, acquisitions are determined by patron usage, so your library will never pay for an ebook that will go unused. Here's how it works: 

  • You will build a profile of titles to make available to users at your institution. This can include all the titles available from Books at JSTOR, or a subset based on such parameters as publisher, discipline, publication date, or maximum price.
  • These titles appear in search results and may be viewed and downloaded the same way as ebooks acquired through firm orders.
  • When usage of a title reaches a certain threshold, a purchase is triggered and the institution's deposit account is debited the price of the title. Once a title is triggered, the library will have perpetual access to the ebook on JSTOR.
  • All usage below the trigger is free.

Please contact us at for more information about setting up a DDA account with Books at JSTOR. In addition, we have developed a model to predict DDA usage and costs for libraries based on the results of other participants in the Books at JSTOR program. Please let your JSTOR representative know if you're interested in such an analysis for your institution.

YBP Library Services

All Books at JSTOR titles are now available in GOBI.  Libraries can place title-by-title firm orders, receive new JSTOR title notifications, or have titles automatically delivered on JSTOR through YBP's eApproval program.  For more information about purchasing access through YBP, click here.


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