JSTOR's Content Development team ensures that publishers benefit from their decision to join JSTOR.

All publishers have a primary contact in the Content Development who provides the latest news and information about JSTOR and their content. Please direct any inquiries or concerns directly to your contact for immediate attention.

Upon joining JSTOR, publishers can expect:

  • quarterly issues of the JSTOR Publisher Digest
  • invitations to ITHAKA's annual Sustainable Scholarship conference and regional JSTOR forums
  • opportunities to work with JSTOR on promotional materials and special projects
  • opportunities to reach new users and markets through JSTOR access programs, such as Publisher Sales Services and Register & Read
  • complimentary online advertising space
  • annual revenue sharing program

Please browse these tabs and pages for more ways to work together. Direct any questions to your primary JSTOR contact or contentdevelopment@jstor.org.

Publisher Sales Service (PSS)
Introduced in 2006, the Publisher Sales Service is one of JSTOR’s most popular publisher programs with more than 1,000 journals from approximately 300 publishers.

The program offers the opportunity for publishers to make their journals’s single articles and issues available for purchase on the JSTOR platform. Designed to reach users outside JSTOR’s pool of licensing institutions, the program can help publishers meet users' access demands while establishing an additional revenue stream.

This is an optional program. To join the program, publishers must add a rider to their license agreements with JSTOR.

Program highlights:

  • Publishers control base fees for single articles and issues
  • Publishers may exclude specific articles and issues from the program
  • Publishers can change the base article and issue price at any time
  • JSTOR adds a $4.00 service fee to publishers’ base fee to defray administrative, server, credit card, and user support costs
  • JSTOR remits payments to publishers on a quarterly basis along with purchase summaries

To review how PSS works from a user perspective, please visit the program’s FAQ.

Register & Read (R&R)
Register & Read offers limited, read-only access for free to users who register for a MyJSTOR account. Users can access up to three articles that can be refreshed or replaced every two weeks. They can also purchase the article to download if the journal is in the Publisher Sales Service. Since R&R's beta launch in March 2012, users have checked out more than 1 million articles.

R&R is a terrific opportunity to identify new users and markets. Quarterly reports monitoring usage patterns and user profiles are available for all titles in the program. Publishers can also take advantage of two freely avialable marketing opportunities with JSTOR: online advertising space on their R&R content pages and targeted email campaigns to R&R users. These are terrific opportunities to experiment with promotions and offers to users. For more information, click here.

Since 1999, the Individual Access program has allowed publishers to offer access to their journals's archived issues, beginning with the very first issue, to their society members and/or individual subscribers. Several publishers have implemented this program as an additional benefit of membership or annual subscription.

Please review the program details below, and contact Content Development to discuss which setup option is appropriate for you.

JSTOR is happy to work with publishers on customized ads, presentations, and copy to publicize their participation. Publishers interested in promotional materials should contact Content Development at least three weeks in advance of their deadline. We are happy to provide examples upon request.


Online Advertising Space

JSTOR is delighted to invite publishers to run online ads on their journal pages on the platform. There is no cost for publishers to run online ads. We ask that publishers restrict the use of the ads to promote:

  • subscriptions to their own journal(s)
  • news or announcements (examples includes annual conferences, calls for papers, etc...)
  • society memberships

Ad space is not available for sale to third parties.

For ad specifications and instructions, please contact Content Development.


Thank you for your interest in JSTOR. To submit your content for consideration, please provide the following information. We encourage you to review our Programs & Services and criteria for selection on the Publishers & Content Providers page. If we have an opportunity to extend an invitation to your content, we will get in touch with you.

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