As a widely used academic resource, JSTOR is already a starting point for researchers around the world.  The addition of ebooks to the platform makes JSTOR even more valuable for faculty and students. The platform is easy to use and will be familiar to researchers who already use JSTOR's journals or primary sources.

Preview the Platform

In order to preview the platform, librarians may wish to use the Open Access titles available on the JSTOR platform. The user experience is the same as for other ebooks on JSTOR. The Open Access title list is available here.

A Great User Experience

The ebooks work just like journals on JSTOR's platform. Researchers can view ebook chapters online or download DRM-free chapter PDFs that never expire. JSTOR offers unlimited simultaneous access and unlimited chapter downloads and printing.  Users won't need to log in or use any special software to use the ebooks.

Integration of Scholarly Resources

Books are available alongside journal articles and primary sources on a single platform. Books are cross-searchable with other content, and users can filter results by content type. Each ebook also links to any reviews of it in journals available on JSTOR. These connections between resources make research simple and efficient.

24/7 Access

With on-campus or remote access available 24/7, the ebooks you purchase are always available to your patrons. User authentication works the same way for books as for journals; for more information, click here.


Researchers can set up a free MyJSTOR account in order to organize the resources they use on JSTOR.

Free MARC records

Books at JSTOR offers free, high-quality MARC records from OCLC. The MARC records are available to all participating institutions, regardless of whether they are OCLC affiliates. You can download sample MARC records here (in .mrc format).  A detailed guide to setting up OCLC Collection Manager to receive MARC records for Books at JSTOR titles is available here.

Interlibrary Loan

Books at JSTOR allows interlibrary loan for book chapters. View the Terms and Conditions for details.   

Usage Reports

The usage reports available are:
  • COUNTER BR2 – Number of Successful Book Section Requests by Month and Title
  • COUNTER BR3 – Access Denied to Book Content Items by Month, Title and Category
  • A custom usage report for Demand-Driven Acquisition accounts, which reflects acquisitions, chapter views, and chapter downloads

More information about accessing the reports is available here.


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