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As part of Register & Read (R&R), publishers have the ability to run online advertising alongside their content. These ads can be used to promote subscriptions to your own journal(s), news or announcements; utilized by your societies; or other usage you deem fit. They are not available for sale to third parties at this stage. Your usage of the ad space is optional. Please note that R&R ads are independent of any other advertising opportunity available on the JSTOR platform.

There is no cost for publishers to run R&R ads.

Publishers are responsible for creating all images and landing pages related to the ads. JSTOR cannot provide any design support for ad submissions. All ad images must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Size: 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high
  • Maximum file size: 100KB
  • Images should be optimized for web display with a resolution of 72 dpi
  • Static images only
  • Acceptable file formats: GIF | JPEG | PNG
  • A click-through URL must accompany each ad image

JSTOR will supply ad reports with regular R&R reporting.

For the complete R&R advertising overview and specifications, consult with your primary JSTOR contact.


Targeted Email Campaigns

Based on quarterly R&R usage reportings, publishers can email R&R users who have opted-in to the JSTOR Publisher News marketing lists. In the past, publishers have used this opportunity to promote journal subscriptions, books from publishing programs, and news and announcements. We are happy to discuss potential subjects for email campaigns.

While publishers direct the content of the email marketing campaigns, JSTOR will handle the creation, maintenance, deployment, and reporting of the email’s HTML message and contact lists. Note that JSTOR cannot share any contact information of R&R users with publishers due to our terms and conditions.

Publishers will have an opportunity to review the HTML message and provide final approval before JSTOR deploys the message. JSTOR will share reporting on the email campaign’s open and click rates three to five days after deployment.

Publishers will have to provide the following for JSTOR to deploy an email campaign:

  • User segmentation criteria based on R&R reporting
  • High-resolution logo
  • Email assets: copy, URLs, and any images to include in the campaign
  • Contact information for the person who will field any inquiries that JSTOR receives

For more details and to discuss these opportunities, consult with your primary JSTOR contact.


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