Want to further collaboration and research in biodiversity among plant scientists from around the globe?  Become a Champion and enable access to Global Plants! For as little as $125, you can provide a full year of access to a herbarium without access. 


Five Reasons to Become a Champion


  1. Make research and collaboration possible: The sponsored herbarium will not otherwise take part in Global Plants.
  2. Affordably provide access: As part of Global Plants Champions, JSTOR bills supporters at developing country rates.
  3. Support a specific herbarium: Choose one of your field partners, or have us select the recipient.
  4. Enable diversity: Your support will allow researchers from even the smallest institutions to take part in this collaborative project.
  5. Broaden access: Help ensure that the tools and resources of Global Plants reach as many countries as possible.


Ready to become a Global Plants Champion? Contact Deirdre Ryan Deirdre.Ryan@jstor.org to sign up and get more information.

Shelley James

Meet Shelley James, Global Plants Champion


Dear Colleagues, 

My name is Shelley James and I hope you'll join me in sharing and protecting the world's biodiversity by supporting access to Global Plants.


At BISH, we work closely with botanists in Papua New Guinea. Bishop Museum has been involved in biodiversity research and has undertaken expeditions in the region for over 40 years. We believe that access to Global Plants is essential for in-country botanical research. I invite you to see why by reading about our collaboration.


Together, we have built a groundbreaking resource. Let's make sure as many researchers as possible can use it:  join me in becoming a Global Plants Champion! 


Shelley James signature
Shelley James 
Botanist, Expedition Leader, Global Plants Champion