JSTOR’s Journal Hosting program enables publishers to place their journals on the JSTOR platform through arrangements outside of the Archive Collections. For those publishers familiar with our Current Scholarship Program (CSP), we are migrating that program to the new hosting service starting in January 2018. This change will enable us to support publishers with a range of publishing models, from fee-based to open access, and will provide a more flexible set of support services.

Publishers can raise the visibility of their publications via the highly used JSTOR platform, while choosing from a suite of flexible services – ranging from production to subscription administration to marketing – based on the level of support they need. The program is ideal for publishers who do not require full publishing services but are looking for an online host for current issues and/or subscription management support. For journals that are still print-only, JSTOR can provide a transition into electronic publishing on a familiar platform with a trusted partner.

Participation in the JSTOR Archive Collections is not a requirement to join this program, and this allows us to consider more types of publications and publishers for hosting. In order to maintain the quality of scholarship that users expect on JSTOR, new publications will need to meet certain criteria and undergo a review process in order to join.

Publishers who already have journals in the Archive Collections can enable access to content past their moving wall for their journal subscribers on the same JSTOR platform. Publishers will also be allowed to utilize the back issues to offer full-run subscriptions, and they will benefit from discounted fees as well.

If you have any questions about the Journal Hosting program, or about your participation in JSTOR, please contact us at

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Subscription Management Services
Service basic option premium option
Print, Electronic, and Print + Electronic Order Processing X  
Automatic Renewal Mailings X  
Customized Renewal Schedule and Mailings   X
Bi-weekly Payment Schedule and Reporting X  
Customized Payment Schedule and Reporting   X
Discovery Services
service basic option premium option
Portico and CrossRef Deposits (publisher billed for CrossRef fees) X  
JSTOR Database X  
JSTOR-Supported Discovery Services X  
Customized 3rd Party Aggregators, Discovery Services, and Preservation Hosts   X
service basice option premium option
Basic Promotion on X  
Display at a minimum of 5 conferences attended by JSTOR per year X  
Inclusion in JSTOR’s annual program announcement to subscription agents X  
Inclusion in e-newsletter sent to MyJSTOR faculty X  
Access to basic usage reports, some custom reporting upon request X  
Email campaigns to registered MyJSTOR faculty in target disciplines   X
Email campaigns to JSTOR list of library contacts   X
Ad space on journal and publisher pages X  
Discounted admission to ITHAKA events and workshops X  


Thank you for your interest in JSTOR. To submit your content for consideration, please provide the following information. We encourage you to review our Programs & Services and criteria for selection on the Publishers & Content Providers page. If we have an opportunity to extend an invitation to your content, we will get in touch with you.

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